Hand Carved Teak Bowls


Vintage item
Materials: Teak bowls, Teak nesting bowls, Set of 5 bowls, Carved in overlapping leaf pattern, Signed original art, Hand carved teak bowl, Artisan woodworking

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HAND CARVED Teak BOWLS.  Five Nesting Bowls by Artisan Wood Turner.  Red-Brown Wood in an Organic Form: Flower, Leaves, Vegetable, Fruit?

Signed: MLM, IMLM, IM&M?

Largest to smallest: 
H: 7 1/8” X DIA: 14 ¾” 3 lbs 12 oz. 
H: 5 ½” X DIA: 11 3/4” 3 lbs 4 oz.
H: 4 ½” X DIA: 9 ¾” 1 lb. 2 oz. 
H: 4” X DIA: 7 ¾” 11 oz. 
H: 3” X 6” 7oz. 

A truly impressive piece of craftsmanship – 5 tightly nested hand-carved bowls. 
The wood, we are guessing, is teak (it is much more tightly grained than monkey pod wood).
We are not sure how the bowls were created. 
While giving the impression of “turned” wood, each bowl is actually a play on leaves overlapping, the bud of a flower opening, movement of water… with the pattern running up the sides. 
There is a sizable lip. A welcome handle when using these substantial bowls.
The pattern continues with an overlapping section of the pattern rising up from the lip.

The bowls have been used. 
This does not, in our estimation, really detract from their beauty. 
If anything, it tells you there is a history behind these bowls.

Each bowl has been cleaned with food grade mineral oil. 

The bowls are in very good used condition: the smallest bowl has a crack that shows on opposite sides of the lip but does not run down through the bowl.