Art Pottery Canister Set


Hand thrown art pottery canister set.
Three tiered sizes.  White & brown canisters with modern native (?) design.

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Each canister is made of a light, grainy, terra cotta clay with off-white base glaze. A band, which includes a small bump-out at its top, of American Native inspired design – stylized mountain and trees (?) – circles each a little over half way up the side.

Expected characteristics of hand thrown pottery: small glaze voids, rough surfaces, uneven lines and edges, etc. are present.

Image #2 shows glaze voids, (the glaze did not cover the bare clay) not chips.

No cracks, chips, deep scratches, etc.

All pieces in excellent condition.

VBV within a circle - signature incised on bottom ea. canister.

Large – H: 8 X DIA: 7 ¾ ”              

Medium – H: 6 ¾ X DIA: 7 ¼”      

Small – H: 6 X DIA: 6”