The ANNE TWEEKES - Eclectic Eye - COLLECTION: Useful and Usable Vintage for Your Home.

Anne Tweekes is two North Westerners transplanted from Michigan. Our mutual love of music brought us together (one of us is a recently retired music teacher, the other a composer and web developer). The "hunt and sell" cycle keeps us on our toes (no, we're not dancers as well).

One of us, me - the taller one, inherited my love of the "hunt" from my mother. I towed along on her weekly shopping adventures. We were not well-off so her "champagne taste on a beer budget" circumstance played a major role in what she would buy. Many - MANY - years later I realized what great taste, and eye for the unique, she had. Life at home was always surrounded by neat "old" stuff. A good part of Matka's rationale for her relentless "g-sailing" (as we called it) were plans for her own sales.

The name of our shop is a tribute to her. She jokingly referred to old items by their phonetic pronunciations: either "an-tweeks" thus The Anne Tweekes Collection, or "anti-queues." That's our next retail adventure, Auntie Q's.

When Matka passed some years ago, I happily inherited her collection of the good, the bad, and the ugly. The original plan was to supplement mom's collection with items of our own taste as decor for our home. Well, I'm sure you all know how that goes. We started an almost weekly trek around our area in search of treasures: glass, art, pottery, ceramics, art, furniture, etc. Our storage area became full so we started investigating ways to empty it - and make room for new finds! And ANNE TWEEKES was born!

We started with a monthly market in our neighborhood. It provided a very steep learning curve, but learn we did. One half of our team has e-commerce experience so a web site was created to move inventory. We didn't take ourselves seriously as "antique dealers" even though the majority of our inventory is vintage. But now... we are into it full on with this Etsy store, Facebook business page, Twitter account, Pinterest account, an Anne Tweekes web site, and local antique/resale shows.

We are hoping your taste is as eclectic as is ours and you will find something in The Anne Tweekes Collection that appeals to you. Please keep in touch; we continually add new items. Watch our home page for sales and specials. Thank you for your interest in The Anne Tweekes - Eclectic Eye - Collection.